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Fuzzy Finder implemented in Python. Matches partial string entries from a list of strings. Works similar to fuzzy finder in SublimeText and Vim’s Ctrl-P plugin.


Quick Start

$ pip install fuzzyfinder


$ easy_install fuzzyfinder


>>> from fuzzyfinder import fuzzyfinder

>>> suggestions = fuzzyfinder('abc', ['defabca', 'abcd', 'aagbec', 'xyz', 'qux'])
>>> list(suggestions)
['abcd', 'defabca', 'aagbec']

>>> # Use a user-defined function to obtain the string against which fuzzy matching is done
>>> collection = ['aa bbb', 'aca xyz', 'qx ala', 'xza az', 'bc aa', 'xy abca']
>>> suggestions = fuzzyfinder('aa', collection, accessor=lambda x: x.split()[1])
>>> list(suggestions)
['bc aa', 'qx ala', 'xy abca']

>>> suggestions = fuzzyfinder('aa', ['aac', 'aaa', 'aab', 'xyz', 'ada'])
>>> list(suggestions)
['aaa', 'aab', 'aac', 'ada']

>>> # Preserve original order of elements if matches have same rank
>>> suggestions = fuzzyfinder('aa', ['aac', 'aaa', 'aab', 'xyz', 'ada'], sort_results=False)
>>> list(suggestions)
['aac', 'aaa', 'aab', 'ada']


  • Simple, easy to understand code.
  • No external dependencies, just the python std lib.

How does it work

Blog post describing the algorithm: http://blog.amjith.com/fuzzyfinder-in-10-lines-of-python

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